Briahna Nicole Gilbert by MK Tran

Model: Briahna Nicole Gilbert@brigilbert_
Photography: MK Tran@mktran_

5 thoughts on “Briahna Nicole Gilbert by MK Tran

  1. Satboy

    Fake boobs + hairy pussy = growl

    1. MuXa

      What logic are you guided by ??
      If sagged and big nipples – a real breast, if neat nipples and firm breasts – then just not real, so it turns out? I’m sorry for you in that case, since you’ve never seen beautiful natural boobs – elastic and with nipples not more than an inch .. seriously, dude .. Have you seen young breasts ?? or just for very grown-ups with a bunch of children watching ?? You can love your woman infinitely, but come here to get aesthetic pleasure from contemplating the beautiful forms of the female body .. and how it seems to me if you are unhappy – silently leaf on or in the end find a resource where only bald pussies and tits will be like the ears of a spaniel..

      1. JohnR

        You idiot, she is absolutely beautiful!

    2. AJ

      Satboy is a clown and a stinking faggot yes yes

  2. wtfuck Post author

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