Katy Fay ‘Peachy Keen’ by Steve McKee

Model: Katy Fay
Photography: Steve McKee

4 thoughts on “Katy Fay ‘Peachy Keen’ by Steve McKee

  1. asdf

    Nice find. She is hot.

  2. really

    Is she a cutter or what?
    there’s marks all over her body.

    1. Ricardo

      They are a good reminder that all of these girls are real people who have flaws just like the rest of us. Yeah, you could airbrush them, but the resulting pictures wouldn’t be nearly as interesting or as honest. It’s pretty unusual to see a model with them, but I’ve seen it before. Anyway, with or without them, she’s still a cutie… with a booty. 🙂

  3. Satboy

    Nice natural boobs & awsome shaved pussy!


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