Nova Amour by Kevin Kolber

Photographer: Kevin Kolber – Instagram @kevinkolberphotography
Model: Nova Amour – Instagram @nova_amour

5 thoughts on “Nova Amour by Kevin Kolber

  1. Satboy

    Once more, an awful hairy pussy!

    1. punkfish

      Dude, we get it; you don’t like pubic hair. But enough with the overblown comments already! (awful, disgusting, etc… really?!) I get that everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, but seeing as you’re basically the only regular commenter on this (free, with daily/multiple awesome updates) site, it’s gotten tiresome.

      1. isthatyou


      2. AJ

        Great comment and I’m a lover of pubic hairs. No woman of mines ever had a bald pussy and if they did at the beginning, they quickly let it grow back…….

  2. phg

    You’re all missing the point!
    If any of you were lucky enough to be fucking a gal this fine, you might ask her to trim/shave, but wouldn’t stop fucking her if she didn’t.
    I LOVE seeing a bald pussy, but this is a beautiful woman, and this amount of pubes wouldn’t shorten my time licking and sucking at the Y!


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