Nude Models Compilation #48

Elyse Taylor

Aline Franzoi

Anastasia Martzipanova

Anne-Claire Bousquet

Anne-Claire Bousquet

Ariel Piper Fawn

Brittney Perez

Cailin Russo

Cara Delevingne

Carla Guetta

Cheryl Ladd

Cindy Crawford by Marco Glaviano, 1989

Claire Jones

Daniella Midenge

Dinara Safina

Elisa Meliani

Emily Shaw

Eva Herzigova

Evelyn Rose

Fading Away

Gisele Bundchen

Helga Lovekaty

Hope Marie Carlton

Jasmine Andreas

Jock Sturges (1947) Katja am strand, France, 1991

Josephine Lecar

Josephine Skriver & Patricia van der Vliet

Karina Avakyan

Karoline Emmertsen

Kristė Mineikytė

Laetitia Casta

Lissy Cunningham

Lucia Javorcekova

Luciana Follow

Mak Beights

Martha Hunt

Maya Dmitrieva

Natalie Andreeva

Nicole Arbour

Olga Alberti

Olivia Rose

Paulina Mikolajczak

Priscilla Huggins

Reon Kadena

Sara Devignon

Sarah Jane Woodall

Stephanie Angulo

Valeriya Lapidus

Vesta Sennaya

Victoria Germyn

Vika Skyte

9 thoughts on “Nude Models Compilation #48

  1. punkfish

    Beautiful compilation, wtf! Have several edits, however: Pic #2 should be “Elyse” Taylor; haven’t been able to find a model named ‘Caitlin Russo’ (I could be wrong, of course) – there’s a Cailin Russo, but this isn’t her; similarly with “Cheryl Ladd” – unless this is a new model with the same name as the blond actress…; while it is a ‘Marco Glaviano’ pic, this one isn’t Cindy Crawford (I attempted to locate the model’s name, w/o success); while the Gisele Bundchen pic kinda looks like her old b/w nudes, I’ve been unable to locate this one anywhere else, and; your 1st two unnamed pix are also of a model you listed earlier, Elisa Meliani.

    1. wtfuck Post author

      Maybe Isabela Manara? Link

      1. wtfuck Post author

        Cailin Russo ‘Girl Next Door’ by Henrik Purienne Link

        1. punkfish

          Yah, Cailin’s named in that shoot – as is Maggie Duran – but there are other models pictured also, w/o their names listed (including, I believe, this girl)…

      2. punkfish

        Don’t think so. Isabela seems to have a wider, sharper mouth/face. I saw this pic listed in a site under her name – but they also had other models pictured as well (I recognized Sahara Ray, for one), so…

        Either way, she’s a pretty girl, and it’s a great shot, so let’s leave it at that! smile

      3. punkfish

        I’m actually glad that you mixed up the Cindy Crawford pic, wtf! laugh It was a real pleasure searching through Marco Glaviano’s work.

    2. Todd

      Cindy Crawford is actually Kirsten Allen.

      1. punkfish

        I think you’re right – thanx a lot, Todd!

  2. fakebutnice

    That “Jasmine” isn’t actually Zoi Gorman?


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