‘Portraits & Self Portraits’ by Vanessa Kirilova

Vanessa Kirilova (b. 1996) is a Bulgarian photographer, living in Sofia. Art has been her means of expression since she was a child. Her interests range from psychology, emotional intelligence to beauty in its essential and simplest forms. She takes her understanding of the female body as references for her artworks. Body’s curves are a source of inspiration for her, to which she treats with much feeling and delicacy.

April mornings


Je t’adore

La fleur de mon intimité

La lutte pour la vie

La tendresse

L’amour meurt

Les baisers des lilas

Les larmes de cristal

Les lilas

Les nymphe



Mon ange

Mon trésor

Oh, Vivienne

Oh, Vivienne

Portrait d’une tulipe


The realm of roses

Tu es dans toutes mes pensées

Vanessa sensuelle


Whisper me

Тes bisous sont des fleurs


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