Sibui Nazarenko “Ignited” by Damien Krisl

Every picture tells a story. As it freezes, it shows the captured moment. The other story – the story behind the picture -, remains untold. Our film is the attempt to let the viewer experience that other story by taking her/him on a sensual journey and revealing the secret behind the stylized fashion photo: the emotions and visions that might have crossed the artists mind while shooting it.

Sublimely elegant, yet erotically supercharged, hypnotizing imaginations impregnate the black and white film with luscious, abstract, surrealistic colours. We leave it open if the steamy cocktail of beauty, seduction and lust represents actual occurrences or just the imagination of an artists crazy brain.

Model: Sibui Nazarenko@sibui_nazarenko
Photography: Damien Krisl@hdamienkrisl

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